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Developer Portfolio

About me

I'm TeamGameRevolution, I'm an ongoing developer, who mainly develops in C#, Java and Python.

I'm currently 22 years old. I only worked for one server so far, which is Skyblock.xyz.

I'm also taking coding commissions for small software projects (not MC related!), like bots, desktop software and APIs.

About my work

I'm currently employed at a small software company in Germany named IT-Center Engels. We focus on an ERP software called B├╝roWARE/WEBWARE by customizing the software to the needs of our customers. I am one of the only developers, who actively work on new modules. My most recent work is an interface software, which can map 2 given lists of fields and exchange their data!

About my plugins

Here's a list of my current, released plugins:

Support for these plugins is limited, as I'm no longer active in the Minecraft scene.

Plugin Name Short Description
StaffChatBungee A lightweight, multi-channel staff chat solution for BungeeCoord
Guillotine A simple, yet efficient beheading plugin
XYZLottery An easy-to-use lottery plugin with customizable prize amount and drawing interval